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$15 for 1 session or $72 for 6 sessions

*I did yoga for several years and I felt that there was something "missing", until the day I attended a Kundalini Yoga session 

and lo and behold, I really felt in harmony, united on all fronts! I felt that I had to share this technique with as many people as possible. I followed the training that allowed me to teach privately, in groups and during week-long workshops, in Western Canada, Morocco, France, Portugal, Quebec and now in New Brunswick .

It is an exceptional yoga because it also allows you to focus, if you choose, on a particular objective. There are a myriad of specific kriyas (series of postures), pranayamas (breaths), meditations and mantras (sacred chants) to achieve our goals. Whether it is to strengthen our immune system, our liver, our kidneys, ... to find calm, to be more concentrated, more energetic, 

... It is a particularly powerful yoga and after only 3 minutes of a breath, a movement or a mantra the transformation was already operating.*

Kundalini Yoga is also called the yoga of awareness. It is also considered by some to be the "original yoga" insofar as it brings together in the corpus of its techniques many forms of yoga. Kundalini is an energy and it is the essential vital potential of man. Once awakened, it allows us to develop all our latent capacities

Kundalini Yoga is an exquisite technology uniquely suited to our times. It develops the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness required to navigate the deep and challenging waters of the 21st century.

There are rapid changes happening around us - to be able to respond effectively to these changes we need guidance, courage and grace. These qualities appear naturally through the practice of Kundalini Yoga. The nervous system is strengthened, the glands are balanced, the intuition awakens and the mind is oriented towards the spirit

*Open to all, everyone will approach the practice according to their abilities

physical and disabilities*

Kundalini Yoga works on all aspects of the body:


  • Health, making it possible to effectively correct the dysfunctions of different systems: digestive, nervous, glandular, lymphatic;
  • Vitality, thanks to muscular work and physical and mental flexibility;
  • Emotional balance, thanks to the learning of techniques that aim to make us masters of our mind, and therefore of our decisions in a state of calm and serenity;

It helps us to free ourselves from our mental and physical automatisms, from our reductive visions, from our intolerant or sectarian attitudes and directs us towards a more positive universe in openness and reconciliation.

This teaching constitutes a discipline because it will bear fruit if it is put into practice on a regular basis.

Kundalini Yoga allows relaxation:

Emotions often crystallize at the muscular level and create tensions, tensions, which, themselves, create mental blockages: 

it is a vicious circle. Relaxation after intense physical exercises allows you to let go. The muscles relax, tensions ease and allow energy to circulate throughout the body: the mind is finally at peace.

Our advice for an optimal Kundalini practice

  • First of all, as with any other yoga practice, do not eat within two hours of your class. Indeed, digestion requires a lot of energy and your abdominal area needs to stay at rest.
  • Preferably dress in white or light-coloured. White is a neutral, protective color, and considered a color that wards off bad energies. It is also the color that symbolizes our aura.
  • Do not hesitate to bring a plaid or a sweater to cover yourself at the end of the session. Indeed, when the energy drops, the body will come to cool down considerably.
  • As with any other physical activity, hydrate well after your practice. The Kundalini will come to eliminate many toxins, drinking water thus helps to better evacuate them.

Available Kundalini Yoga session and meditation session

Offered in private and group sessions

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