Access Consciousness® Access Bars®:

an emotional and physical release technique to discover

What would I like my life to look like?

The Access Bars® practice is part of the Access Consciousness foundation, which means openness to awareness.Gary Douglas designed the Access tools in the 1990s and they are used in over 170 countries today.

Receiving a session allows you to free yourself from judgments, pains, phobias, points of view, cellular memories, and beliefs that keep us in a limited vision of reality. …to leave more room for improvement and well-being.

This allows your body to eliminate all the barriers you have erected not to receive.

Life then becomes an adventure: What would I like to choose? What would I like to create?

At what point can I open myself to even greater?


No prerequisites necessary to learn this technique and is aimed at all those who wish to improve their quality of life in a simple and dynamic way.

Some of the benefits:

- Releases stress, lightens the mind

- Reduces the frequency and intensity of ADHD and other disorders

- To feel and be free and light

- Expanded Consciousness

- Find a deep and recuperative sleep

- Psychic balance

- Acceptance and letting go more easily

- Get rid of cellular memories

- Open to new possibilities

- Take back his power

- Stop judging

- Improves working memory (exam preparation)

- Even more ...

The benefits of this technique depend on what you and your body are willing to release to evolve.

The key lies in the natural ability of neurons in the brain to unravel and form new connections, a faculty called neuron plasticity.

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